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One Stop Joinery is a well-established joinery company based in Rowfant, West Sussex. They have been serving London and the South east clients with traditional English bespoke joinery since 2004.


Increasing new leads was the primary focus for One Stop Joinery.  A family run business, they wanted to see a stronger pipeline of new business to ensure stability.

The Solution

Targets were set to ensure that One Stop Joinery saw a significant increase in new enquiries in the first few months working together.


After assessing their business needs Stephen Clark determined that a 3 step approach was required:

Website Revamp

The first step taken consisted of entirely revamping the website, making it far more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The website in-time became fully SEO’d and ready to pop up in organic searches.

Google My Business

Next steps were to develop One Stop Joinery’s presence on Google My Business, this further helped with SEO and gave them another platform to post to and be seen.


A strategy revolving around Pay-Per-Click (PPC) was developed, with the new fully SEO’d website, paid search was implemented.


Increased av. session

Increased page sessions

Increased session

Increased users

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