Social Media Strategy
And Campaign

The popularity of social media is not slowing down and now more than half the world (58%) use social media channels.

Social has now become an integral part of the marketing channel mix and the right approach can help you drive sales, increase brand awareness, and source information on products and services.

Organic Social Media Content


It is important for brands from any sector to have a clear agenda and objectives for their social media activities across all channels. Prophecy Marketing can work closely with your marketing team or business leaders to set these objectives and build a defined and measurable strategy to deliver against these goals.


Content remains to be King in the world of marketing and high-quality creative is even more important in the highly competitive arena of social media marketing. Prophecy Marketing’s social media team can develop your calendar of content – taking the pressure of your marketing team and delivering the engagement that your brand deserves.

Social Commerce

According to a report published in Social Media Today, 87% of online shoppers globally use social media while making shopping decisions. Brands need to be ahead of the curve on this trend by driving comprehension of their products and services through social channels. Additionally, as customers shift to making direct purchases through social media channels companies need to ensure that they are using the social media tools to their maximum to support their e-commerce efforts. Prophecy Marketing can optimise social channels for social commerce and deliver paid campaigns to drive purchases.

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