Public Relations

PR continues to be a critical part of the marketing mix and with the incredible changes in social media public relations has become even more important than before.  Brands need to ensure they tell a consistent and engaging story.

Our services include:


Strategic PR consultancy

Like all communication channels PR requires and joined up and strategic approach to make it work for your companies’ objectives. Prophecy Marketing can help you plan your campaigns and also work these into a greater annual marketing plan.


Content generation

PR has diversified and is no longer based on release releases – there are so many opportunities to engage media through rich content. Take a look at other content creation we have provide.

Press Releases

Press releases

Development of meaningful press released and news flashes which cut through the crowded media environment.

Content Seeding

Content seeding: online and social

Prophecy Marketing will help you get the most from your content by using all available channels to publish and target your relevant audiences.

Link Building

Link building as part of a greater SEO strategy

Develop and execute a PR environment that assists with wider ranging digital marketing objectives by building links through storytelling.

Video 01

Video production and post-production

Develop rich content which tells a story and grabs the attention of the media.



Work with Prophecy Marketing to evaluate press results and see how they are enhancing a brand in terms of the whole eco system.


Media training

Provision of client training to empower client teams to be brand advocates and earn media coverage that covers key messages.

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