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Publications website Aircraft Commerce was established in 1998. It is a leader in the aeronautical industry producing a bi-monthly publication that examines commercial aircraft, engines, operating performance and economics.

The unique editorial content on this publications website, scrutinises operating performance and cost information, a variety of additional fleet planning and aircraft selection.  As well as aircraft management data and information. This publications website information is used within the  industry by airline executives, aircraft lessors, and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) organisations.

Aircraft Commerce needed a new database and editing system that allowed users to easily access publications they had subscribed to. Our marketing agency delivered a fast and efficient website that enabled the purchase of  subscriptions. We enabled Aircraft Commerce to upload their own content simply and effectively. We produced a new database and structure that enabled a new e-commerce model. Current publications in addition to making their complete back catalogue of publications since they began publishing 25 years ago accessible online through the new portal. They also wanted a site that would support event bookings which are a key part of their business. 

The Solution

Prophecy Marketing developed a site which provided the industry with an e-commerce platform to allow readers to subscribe to the current Aircraft Commerce publication as well as previous articles.

The site also has provided a new revenue stream with advertising elements for key industry partners like Boeing.

The redesigning of key areas of the website went hand in hand with the rollout of multiple SEO techniques to help the website rank higher and in-turn generate more traffic.


Increased users

Increased time on site in minutes 

Increased new sessions

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