Delicacy Lounge


Launched in 2012 Delicacy was a welcome addition to the dining scene in Dubai.  The restaurant took the concept of authentic French pastries and edible gifts and gave it the ultimate home within the Fairmont The Palm when the hotel launched almost ten years ago.

The Challenge

Dubai has been known for its high quality and varied food and beverage scene for many years.  The city’s restaurateurs have seen exceptional success in rolling out many international brands from Chili’s to The Petit Maison and Nobu to name a few.  Creating a new dining experience which was unique to the city and doesn’t have the advantage of worldwide brand recognition can be a daunting prospect, especially since the dining scene was to a certain extent oversaturated in certain price brackets.  In addition, many dining brands were experiencing fast wear out and the outlets required rebranding and refitting the premises after, on average, six years to stay fresh and meaningful in the market.

The Solution

Harriett Type, who was tasked with the job of creating the brand knew that the success of the restaurant would be to create an identity which would stand the test of time in a fickle market.  A brand which communicated the true essence of the dining experience which would then translate into the various customer touchpoints.


A Brand Story

In order to create a strong brand  one must develop the narrative behind a product, in this case a delicatessen, and bring this to life through its visual identity and brand promise.

Value proposition: What makes Delicacy special and unique.

Promise: Delicacy was positioned as the trusted go-to spot for local residents for high quality sweet treats and delicacies.

Personality: A classy but approachable brand.  High quality whilst not being stuffy.

An identity that always brings you back for more

Where there are many dining options on offer, customers will have key decision making criteria which they may at times not even be aware of:

  • What experience will I have at the dining outlet?
  • Is the food delicious and high quality?
  • Is it value for money (which doesn’t mean cheap).

The visual experience of the restaurant which can start from seeing the signage through to the outlet and the food will build an impression of the brand and triggers an expectation in the customer’s mind.  Each touchpoint needed to have a consistent look and feel which culminates in the taste of the product.

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