PatchWorksUK Ltd

Patchworks Website

PatchWorksUK Ltd produce a wide range of patches that are useful for helping a variety of everyday ailments by helping users get the right vitamins and supplements via the epidermis. PatchWorks approached Prophecy Marketing as they needed better performance from their website.

The Solution

Firstly, the web developers of the Prophecy team revamped key UX and UI of the PatchWorks website, this would be the foundation for the later changes that were made. The updates to the website allowed for increased ease of use and more customer led interface.

The redesigning of key areas of the website went hand in hand with the rollout of multiple SEO techniques to help the website rank higher and in-turn generate more traffic.


Increased domain trust

Reduced Bounce rate

Increased traffic

Increased page sessions

Increased page views

PatchWorksUK Ltd Testimonial:

“We were working with an expensive and under performing SEO company. We switched to Prophecy last year (whose fees are much more reasonable) and our SEO performance has improved greatly since.”

Sadie Roberts, Owner

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