Why Google My Business Is Important To All Businesses

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A Google My Business (GMB) listing can have a huge benefit to any SME business in any sector. If you have a profile you can reach more potential customers, improve your local reach, increase your brand awareness, increase visits to your website, and increase the number of calls you get.

How To Claim And Verify Your Google My Business Listing

For easy to use instructions on how to claim your listing simple check out Google Support by clicking here.

Update Your GMB Listings

Make sure you are updating your listing – it really isn’t something you can claim and forget about. With careful updates on Google My Business, the better it is for your business’ search results. Unsurprisingly, it is a key Google Ranking Factor, and it is the most important ranking factor within your local ranking pack. Frequent activity on the listing will signal to Google that your listing is accurate and trustworthy and you are still active as a business. The more trust you earn with Google, the higher your will rank on Google Maps and the local section of Google search.

It is really important that the information that is on your website is identical to that on GMB as Google uses this information to builds its trust in your online presence. This also applies to all other website listings.

There are a range of benefits to using GMB:

Be Discovered With Google My Business

Make sure you have the correct category for products and services. This will be especially helpful if your company name doesn’t clearly tell people what your business does. For example Spot’s Dog Food is really clear, however Pink Berry could be a brand name for anything.

Expanded Reach

Google My Business gives you the equivalent of setting up your shop on a major high street, as opposed to a tiny side street. You are more visible in searches, in fact 50% of Google My Business interactions results in a visit to a companies website. With Google My Business you are ensuring that you are getting ranked within these searches.

Google My Business Driving Leads

When people are searching for local businesses especially they are looking for something in particular and are poised to act. With an up-to-date effective listing you are perfectly positioned to drive leads. In fact, Google states that 50% of customers who are searching for local products or services through Google My Business end up physically going to that location to see the business.

How Can I Keep The Information On My Google My Business Fresh And Up To Date?

There are a few ways that you can keep publishing new content on the listing:

Opening Hours

Ensure that your opening hours are up to date including changing opening times for bank holidays or key national events.


You can post content on GMB in a similar way to social media platforms. If you have news updates post these on the listing. If you have offers and promotions you can post these too. It is especially effective to post imagery of the physical location of the store, office or premises. You can also post product images or team photos too as just a few examples. It all demonstrates that you are a real and active business for potential clients and customers when they see the listing. Plus Google see these micro updates and it builds trust.


Google Maps and GMB are not the same thing. However they are very much inter-linked. Essentially the main difference between the two is that Google Maps will show your business’ location and give directions so people can find you. However, Google My Business will provide all the information that people need to do business with you. For either listing to be effective they need to be up to date and accurate. If you have a fully optimised business listing, Google Maps will display more detailed information about your local business.


Encourage your customers to give you reviews on your GMB listing. Set a realistic targets and check in once a week to make sure that you are steadily building these. Don’t be shy about asking loyal customers for feedback.


If you change your business address make sure you update this on your listing at the same time as you change your website. Don’t delay making the update as it will undermine your credibility with Google.

New Branches

If you open a new premises or sub-brand ensure that you create a separate new listing for this outlet or business. Google Maps needs the specific location for your business so you can be found. GMB is not set up to have multiple businesses included on the listing.


Link your website to your GMB account. If you don’t have a website then make sure that the GMB listing is 100% complete. Consider your options for setting up a simple website so that you can take advantage of the organic searches that you might be missing.

Get Help With Your Google My Business Listing

If you would like help setting up and optimising your Google My Business listing and Google Maps simply get in touch by emailing

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