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It’s all about the marketing agency giving performance …

Prophecy Marketing is in relative terms a newly established marketing agency, having been established for just over a year. However, the founders have more than fifty years of business and marketing experience between them. Experience which comes from both client side and marketing agency. Not only does the ‘time-served’ lead to a broad range of expertise, it also results in a unique approach derived from their collective experiences.

In terms of the brand position, Prophecy Marketing do not consider themselves as a digital marketing agency. Nor do they consider Prophecy Marketing to be a social media agency; indeed, they don’t even leverage their traditional agency skills. For Prophecy, these are all channels that can be employed to achieve their Mission – “to help business deliver on performance”. Stephen Clark, Managing Director, explains “Many agencies define themselves by what they do. For us, it is much more about what we achieve on the behalf of clients.”

Focus on performance the result of experience

Prophecy Marketing positioning was born out of Stephen’s quest to find an agency with a true focus on delivering tangible results. This was during the time he headed up marketing for Ordnance Survey. “As Head of Marketing I needed to demonstrate results and was seeking marketing agency partners who could work with me to improve overall marketing performance, however many were more focused on niche marketing channels or were less focused on outcomes. When I moved back to consultancy, I knew then I wanted to make ‘performance’ the key to the business.” Stephen stated.

This focus on performance runs through the business. At the outset, objectives are created that encapsulate the needs of a client to develop their business, by working with Prophecy. Targets are set for each objective, irrespective of the size of project. Reporting gives them a regular view of how the marketing agency are matching against these set targets. As an example, Prophecy might be working with a loose brief to improve website results. They will undertake an expansive audit to check the website’s SEO before setting targets around Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and Domain Authority. Targets will be set and agreed before any action is taken.

And a marketing agency giving performance in the long-term ….

Prophecy Marketing are also passionate about the long-term success of a client. They establish a basis by setting up the client with the tools and services that gives the partners marketing team visibility and control. Prophecy have sourced a selection of marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) which truly assists their clients in the day-to-day running of their marketing efforts. Powerful and cost-effective platforms which support a range of functions from sales conversions, maximising reviews and managing social media to name but a few.

Prophecy don’t just recommend and leave. They provide training and advice to optimise the functions. These are fine-tuned to the particular client. Harriett Type, Account Director, expands “Many a marketing agency wants to retain control of all the activity. This is in the fear that transferring knowledge will ultimately lose them business. We take a different view and find that it develops a partnership where we are far more integrated with the client”.

An eco-aware marketing agency

Prophecy is eco-aware and look to run their business in an eco-friendly manner. This approach is used to assist partners who have the same vision. For example, although paper is considered as a sustainable product, this very much depends on the manufacturer having an active, and long-standing, tree planting program. There is also the consideration of energy consumed in the manufacturing process and non-sustainable delivery methods. So, Prophecy operates, as much as possible, a paper-less operation and can advise clients who want the same. They also support the use of eco-servers.

The faces behind the vision

Stephen Clark Ceo And Founder Of Prophecy Marketing
Stephen Clark CEO & Founder of Prophecy Marketing

Stephen Clark has over thirty years experience in marketing and business development. He has played an active part in the development of digital marketing as a critical part of the marketing mix. Stephens expertise has been gained in both a marketing agency environment and in various client side industries. These have spanned start-up to Corporate organisations and with international exposure. Examples are RS Components, SKF, Ordnance Survey, HomeServe, Outbound Maps and Digital Web World. He has held senior B2C and B2B roles. Initially PR trained, Stephen has highly effective interpersonal and communication skills. This has facilitated the shaping and development of marketing teams in several organisations and he brings these skills to clients. Stephen is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM)

Harriett Type Account Director Prophecy Marketing
Harriett Type Account Director, Prophecy Marketing

Harriett Type has been working at the ‘coal face’ of marketing and brand strategy for over 20 years. She has had the pleasure of being part of the real time evolution, and at times revolution, of digital marketing. Her extensive experience has seen her both Client and Agency side for a range of different industries and business sectors from retail to tech platforms, hospitality, education, F&B and entertainment. Her CV boasts household names like Homebase, Film Four, InterContinental, Holiday Inn, David Lloyd Leisure, Pierre Gagnaire, Marco Pierre White, Costa, Starbucks, Jumeirah and Raffles to name just a few. She has launched numerous new enterprises – from inception to delivery. Her in-depth 360 degree knowledge of marketing communications and her commercial outlook mean she can delve between, the sometimes convoluted, layers of a business and see what they truly need to make their marketing work.

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